Windows 11 No Longer Have These Features


Microsoft recently released its latest computer software called Windows 11. Consumers expected that this new system version would offer a better experience compared to its predecessor, Windows 10. 

Microsoft Windows 11 To Remove Essential Features—Goodbye Taskbar Functions and More; Should You Still Upgrade?

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However, this is not the case since the new software is still suffering from bugs. Although users are complaining about some internal issues, this is not surprising since Windows 11 is a new system. 

As of the moment, Microsoft is planning to release new design features and other enhancements for its latest Windows 11, which are expected to be offered through the official Microsoft Store. 

But, Microsoft could also remove some essential features that were usually used in Windows 10. The giant tech firm provided a list of the system functions that were already removed from the software. 

These include the popular Taskbar View’s Windows Timeline, which lets users access recent files. 

Microsoft Windows 11’s Removed Features

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft plans to downgrade the Windows 11 taskbar experience of its users. This simply means that the company could remove the basic and essential features offered by the said option. 

Microsoft Windows 11 To Remove Essential Features—Goodbye Taskbar Functions and More; Should You Still Upgrade?

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Right now, the giant tech firm is already doing its plan slowly by removing the taskbar’s functionalities, such as the full-fledged right-click menu. Aside from these, the developer also confirmed some of the features it already deleted: 

  • Taskbar alignment (location) is now bottom of the screen, and it cannot be changed. 
  • The people app icon has been removed from the taskbar.
  • Some icons may not appear in the System Tray (systray).
  • The taskbar has been rewritten, and third-party apps will have limited access to the APIs. As a result, apps can no longer customize some areas of the taskbar.

Should You Still Upgrade

CNET reported that users could still use Windows 10. However, they could only do this until October 14, 2025, which is the final date announced by Microsoft. 

However, experts explained that there’s a high chance that you will no longer receive security updates for your computer or laptop. This is a serious matter since your gadget could be infected by malware and other computer viruses.

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