Warzone August 2 update patch notes: OTs 9 unlock challenge fix, Payload & general bug


Season 4 is drawing to its inevitable conclusion, so when will Raven Software launch Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone? We have all you need to know including its start date and rumors on new maps and features.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded made some significant changes to the battle royale, with major weapon balancing shaking up the game’s meta entirely, while the OTs 9 gives players a brand-new SMG to play within close-quarters combat.

Even with all this new content, Warzone players are always thinking about what’s next, and are already pondering over when Season 5 will release. The good news is that the Season 4 Battle Pass gives us a clue as to when this will be.

Warzone Season 5 start date

warzone season 5 update patch noteswarzone season 5 update patch notes

So when will Season 5 kick-off? Well, the Season 4 Battle Pass has a timer, which says it’s set to expire on August 9, 2021. So, we can safely assume that Season 5 will begin then, as this has been the pattern Raven Software has followed over the past few seasons.

Of course, plans could change, but 2 months is the time that most seasons in CoD last, so we’re pretty confident we’ll be downloading Season 5 in the second week of August which is currently scheduled to start on August 12.

Warzone Season 4 end date

Obviously, the date for the end of Season 4 and the start of Season 5 are very similar, so if the new one starts on August 9, we expect Season 4 will wrap up on August 8, 2021.

Warzone Season 5: Soap Operator, CX-9 & RAAL LMG

Warzone season 5 update patch notesWarzone season 5 update patch notes

At the moment, there’s very little information about what could come in the next seasonal update for Warzone. It’s likely that we’ll see new weapons as is the norm, and Verdansk ’84 will also receive some sort of change too.

One of the biggest mysteries currently surrounding Warzone is the absence of several guns and a fan-favorite Operator.

Soap Operator skin & bundle

captain soap in call of dutycaptain soap in call of duty

Despite being announced way back in December 2020, Captain Soap MacTavish remains AWOL in the Cold War and Warzone universe. An Operator bundle was found on CODTracker, but the brave Scotsman has yet to materialize.

He was recently spotted in some games of 2019’s Modern Warfare, so it might be a sign of things to come in Season 5.


Another baffling mystery in Call of Duty: Warzone is the case of the missing guns – the CX-9 SMG and RAAL LMG.

Back in January 2021, the CX-9 suddenly became available for players to acquire early, and it was removed soon after. Around the same time, the RAAL was also seen in Warzone.

Fast-forward to the end of Warzone Season 4, and the weapons are still absolutely nowhere to be seen or heard from. Again, they exist and are functional, so it can only be a matter of time before they’re added to Warzone.

Warzone Season 5 update patch notesWarzone Season 5 update patch notes

Season 5 Operator leaked

There has not been a great deal of new content for Season 5 announced before its scheduled start date, but August 2 saw a reported piece of key art for the new season containing one of the game’s upcoming Operators get leaked.

It remains to be seen if this leaked piece of Operator key art comes to fruition, but leaks of this nature have been proven to be true in past seasons, so it would not be surprising if this follows a similar pattern, but still should be taken with a grain of salt at this time.

There are rumors that a new map is being developed for Warzone to tie in with the upcoming release of World War II: Vanguard, however that remains officially unconfirmed. With Season 5 starting in August, it’s unlikely we would see it drop so early.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Raven and Activision announce. Keep checking back with Charlie INTEL as we keep you updated with all the latest news on Warzone Season 5.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software


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