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Animals that get injured or fall sick receive treatment and care in veterinary hospitals, practices, and clinics.

It is a need for every veterinary doctor to keep track of their patient details which includes diagnoses, information of vaccination, follow-ups, schedules, and treatments.

Technicians and nurses also need to make sure that there is efficient treatment and medicine administration and delivery.

Not only that, but it is also important to take note and keep the health records of every patient.

This is to recommend the right treatment for them and to assess whatever medical needs they have as well.

To give you a quick overview, this article has devoted its time by doing research and reading reviews to give you a list containing the 7 of the best veterinary practice management software that is available in the market today.

Veterinary Software for your Practice

What is Veterinary Practice Management Software?

It is a must for all of the veterinary hospitals to notify, appoint, and schedule their staff of appointments according to the capacity and demands of their patients.

On the other hand, the patient must also be notified of their follow-up dates, overdue payments (if there are any), and scheduled appointments.

The veterinary hospitals need to manage payments, communication, and influx.

These hospitals should also make sure that there is proper claim management and medical billing for every patient they have.

Every veterinary clinic, practice, and hospitals are also responsible to keep track of the inventories such as drugs, equipment, and other materials that are required for animal treatments.

For these organizations and facilities to efficiently perform these tasks and properly manage their patients, there is a wide need of embracing management software that can cater to veterinary practices. 

Veterinary practice management software is utilized by animal healthcare facilities and centers in order to assess and assist the daily tasks and operations of a veterinary clinic or hospital.

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Veterinary Practice Management Software Features

Invoicing and Accounting

The Invoice and Accounting allows the user to easily select and search services and products they wish to add to the invoice.

This invoicing feature also allows bundles that the user can add to make invoicing easier and quicker.

The user can also add different methods of payment.

To top it off, this feature can also indicate if there is some existing credit or balance in your client’s account. 

Inventory tracking

This feature allows the user to keep an eye on the inventories and track those tools, equipment, and others that are out for hospital transfers.

This feature can also be used for monitoring automatic sales and make adjustments as needed.

To top that off, any service or product that has been tracked as an individual log, as well as a reorder point notification. 


The reporting feature produces a list of reports which includes reports for services or products sold, invoices, end-of-the-day reports, revenues, and more.

E-medical records

This kind of feature enables vet hospitals, practices, and clinics to keep health records electronically.

This, in turn, reduces the efforts in locating details of the patients.

Each of the patients has an individual file to keep an eye on and monitor their medical records including communication notes as well as notes for doctors’ surgery or exams.

The medical record feature also automatically reminds the patient of their appointment dates for medical procedures and vaccinations by keeping track of every scheduled date.

Previous medical records and histories of lab works and medications are also attached together with the medical records to make searching and viewing a lot faster and easier. 

Clients database

Client database assists the veterinary facilities or hospitals to maintain an accurate and robust database for its patients, this feature allows a certain veterinary practice to share clients across different and multiple locations.

Using this feature allows healthcare facilities to share files such as product and service pricing reports for some materials or items.

Client databases also allow sharing of financial reports for each of the different locations individually and determine whether the user has separate pricing if necessary. 

Calendar, Appointment, and Scheduling

This feature helps the user to automatically keep an eye on any of the patient’s due dates for certain services that they offer or provide.

The feature also consists of reminders to help update the patients.

The users can also send reminders through email or automatically print reminder postcards to let the clients or patients know what dates their pets are scheduled and due for. 

Top Veterinary Practice Management Software

1. IDEXX Cornerstone Veterinary Software

If you’re looking for practice management solutions specifically designed for veterinarians, the first on the list is the Cornerstone Veterinary Software created by IDEXX.

Cornerstone is a recommended and preferred provider by the American Animal Hospital Association.

Their cool features include data backup and recovery, a health network, client communication, automatic reminders, and a payment portal.

The Pet Health Network of Cornerstone offers medical reminders, appointment management, text messaging, marketing campaigns, mobile websites, automatic surveys, and more.

This veterinary software also allows veterinary facilities to send newsletters to clients and customers with content that is customized.

They also have an online pet page where users and clients can have access to their pets’ appointment details, vaccination records, schedules, billings, prescriptions, and many more. 

2. AVImark

As part of the Henry Schein Veterinary Solutions, AVImark provides the freedom that comes from a successful veterinary business by offering unparalleled excellence in veterinary practice management software.

AVImark, as a leading veterinary software, provides all of the powerful tools and features that every user would expect.

These features include boarding and appointment calendars, electronic medical records, dental charts, patient reminders, financial reporting, invoicing and estimates, and other useful tools to support paperless practices.

AVImark also has a lot of approved integrations.

This, in turn, would enable users to subscribe to additional services and products that work and integrate well with their software, such as credit card processing and laboratory integrations.

Truly software solutions like AVImark are very functional and easy to use, with advanced features, and unlimited seat licenses, one could never truly ask for more.

3. IntraVet

One of the leading practice management solutions that allow veterinarians to manage and be in charge of their financial, critical medical, and back-office information is IntraVet.

IntraVet has an interface that is easy to use.

This practice management software has cool and powerful features any vets in the industry could ever ask for.

One of the features of this software provides the information vets need to escalate and improve their management efficiencies and clinical services.

It is backed up with the most knowledgeable and reliable technical support team, for the entire network of its software.

Also, IntraVet has multi-user or single packages you can choose from depending on your preferences.

This vet software provides a wide area of networking options that utilize VPN routers as well as provide networking solutions with Windows Terminal Services.

With IntraVet, going paperless is made a lot easier, faster, and manageable. 

4. eVetPractice

eVetPractice is a practice management software solution that is cloud-based.

This software offers veterinary hospitals and mobile practitioners a centralized platform by which they are allowed to manage online payments, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and appointment reminders.

eVetPractice is a system that is user-friendly which incorporates in-house labs, pet owner portal, reporting features, referral systems, and SMS integration.

With the use of eVetPractice, users can manage EMR with a flexible objective, subjective, plan, and assessment approach.

Users are also able to conveniently access customizable lab, exam, and history forms while efficiently managing vaccination records, patient data, generation of Rabies Certificate, document storage, and a lot more.



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