Vercel Announces Second Next.js Conf to Be Held June 15, 2021


SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vercel, a comprehensive platform for creating unsurpassed web user experiences and creator of Next.js, the leading React and JavaScript framework for frontend web development, has announced the second Next.js Conf, which will be held June 15, 2021. The event builds on the inaugural Next.js Conf, held in November 2020, which attracted more than 40,000 attendees. For more information, and to register for the conference, visit

Next.js Conf will include a keynote featuring Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel; Shubhie Panicker, software engineer at Google; Houssein Djirdeh, developer advocate at Google and Lydia Hallie, Next.js development and community leader. The session will focus on helping developers create unique web experiences, faster, while enhancing their websites’ performance, as measured by Core Web Vitals. Core Web Vitals will be used by Google to determine search rankings beginning summer 2021.

“The WebSDK team in Google Chrome have worked very closely with Next.js in the development of the framework and its elevation to be one of the go-to developer platforms for the creation of incredible online experiences,” said Djirdeh. “Next.js has enabled organizations of all types and sizes to improve the performance of their websites and make a strong contribution not only to the development community but to the businesses they represent and the customers those businesses serve.”

Google has made significant open source contributions to Next.js, including code that allows webpages to load images, fonts and third-party scripts faster. Vercel customers such as TripAdvisor and Washington Post using Next.js will benefit from Google’s new performance-focused enhancements and ongoing contributions.

“The most valuable feature of Vercel is that our team can focus on building products rather than worrying about infrastructure,” said Robert Norman, principal software engineer at Cruise Critic, a subsidiary of TripAdvisor.

Vercel Key Capabilities for Core Web Vitals

Vercel and Next.js provide many critical capabilities that enable developers to elevate their sites in search rankings based on performance improvements. These include:

  • Integrated, zero-configuration Core Web Vitals measurement, tracking and visibility across multiple frameworks
  • Performance optimization techniques, including pre-rendering and server-side rendering, that increase Core Web Vitals scores
  • Google Chrome Team-developed features including the HTML standards-based Next.js Image Component and Automatic Image Optimization, an improvement over legacy browser image stacks that support only one image size and type
  • Facebook-led capabilities including Zero-Bundle-Size React Server Components, which increase performance through automated data fetching
  • Improved cloud-based loading for third-party scripts via Next.js, helping increase performance through proximity to the user
  • Improved edge caching for server-rendered pages and serverless functions, decreasing latency and improving performance
  • Educational materials that teach developers the importance of Core Web Vitals and guide them to improve their performance

“Next.js Conf will help developers understand the broad array of tools and technologies that Next.js and Vercel bring them to create the next big thing, faster, moving the entire industry into a new era of user-experience-driven, and therefore developer-driven, business success criteria,” said Guillermo Rauch, founder and CEO of Vercel. “Website performance increases have real business impact, with barely measurable improvements resulting in the gain or loss of massive amounts of revenue to web sites large and small. The ability to instantly see, fully and accurately measure, and then easily and quickly improve, the things that matter most to users is the key determinant of business success today. If you go fast, you win, and that’s what we are giving you with Next.js and Vercel.”

About Vercel

Vercel is the leading advocate and enabler of frontend developer experience, having created Next.js, the most popular React framework, and Vercel, the best platform to deploy any frontend website or application. Vercel provides unsurpassed vertical integration, from developer experience to edge delivery, with the industry’s most advanced development tools in a serverless cloud environment providing a fully-managed, highly-automated experience for both developers and users. The world’s top companies use Vercel. Vercel (twitter@vercel) is backed by GV, Accel and CRV.


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