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Many leaders want the worst of COVID-19 to be behind us, and leaders are currently considering reinstatement policies, flexible work practices, and continued adoption of collaboration technology. increase. Do leaders support hybrid work or do they require employees to return to the office full-time?

According to a recent survey 73% of employees want a hybrid work environment There is some flexibility in where and when to work.Another study suggests that 39% of employees consider leaving If the leader of the organization forces them back to the office full-time. In a recent internal investigation at Apple, 90% of respondents said they “strongly agree” with the statement that “location-flexible work options are a very important issue for me.”

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I work with the executive team and work with many CIOs to make the transition to the hybrid model successful. “Hybrid organizations succeed or fail based on their ability to value all three categories: office, remote, and hybrid,” said Wayne Sadin, board and CIO advisor. “The key to hybrid work is finding a way to treat everyone equally,” said Martin Davis, CIO and Managing Partner of Dunelm Associates.

We also talked to Plutora’s Chief Marketing Officer Bob Davis about how technology and business leaders work with the hybrid work model. He states: “The ability to maintain high-quality, efficient software delivery that pleases customers and delivers value to their businesses may have experienced a surge in speed as companies transitioned to remote work styles. With complete visibility of portfolios and pipelines, smooth transfer between teams, governance and compliance, and systems that facilitate collaboration in a decentralized world, they could move forward. “

Success not only comes from top-down policies and practices, but leaders across the organization need to implement new ways to collaborate with their direct reports, interdisciplinary agile teams, and workflows between organizations.

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