Splitgate Could Be Coming to Nintendo Switch & Mobile in Future


Splitgate is making big waves online right now, and its popularity will only increase if it comes to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Right now, it seems like everyone is talking about Splitgate. The Halo meets Portal shooter is free-to-play and bringing in new fans by the thousands.

Recently, fans have been waiting in an hour-long queue just to play Splitgate. Thankfully, thanks to a new increase in Splitgate server capacity, that should no longer be the case.

But although many players want to get their hands on the FPS title, not everyone can access the game right now. Currently, Splitgate is available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms, but Nintendo Switch and mobile could be coming soon.

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(Source: 1047 Games)

Splitgate Nintendo Switch & Mobile Ports

Could Splitgate be coming to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices? A new Q&A reveals new details about developer 1047 Games’ plans.

In a recent Twitch stream, 1047 Games detailed just some of its future plans for Splitgate. Early on in the Q&A, the developer promises that Splitgate is absolutely dedicated to ant-cheat.

And soon after, questions about Splitgate’s potential on other platforms began to appear.

“It’s absolutely part of the vision. Y’know, part of the vision is, we want to be available on everything,” CEO Ian Proulx confirms. “We want to be available on mobile, Switch, y’know – everything.”

Even a Mac port could be in the works for Splitgate eventually, Proulx reports. But players might have to wait a while for these ports to be available.

(Source: 1047 Games)

And while Splitgate’s current priorities lie in getting the game ready for launch, ports are definitely on the agenda when it comes to future plans. Right now, Splitgate is boosting its server capacity to allow for more players to jump into the action than ever before.

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Splitgate Crossplay on Mobile and Nintendo Switch

It seems that it’s important for Splitgate’s development team to make sure that gamers get to play with their friends, regardless of platform preference. Even when a Switch port comes out, Splitgate will always support crossplay, the CEO alleges.

In the case of mobile devices specifically, it’s a maybe. Crossplay may well be available on Splitgate for your phone, but it’ll be an optional setting, the developer responds.

(Source: 1047 Games)

Of course, we’ll likely be waiting for quite some time to hear more about the upcoming feature but it’s exciting to get a confirmation like this.

Meanwhile, a major Splitgate update just improved server queue times and more. Previously, Splitgate fans using queue skipping software were getting bans, but that should no longer be necessary.

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Read More:Splitgate Could Be Coming to Nintendo Switch & Mobile in Future