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Company Introduction
Tyrannosaurus Tech acts as a technology partner for companies looking to launch new and innovative SaaS (software as a service) products in healthcare, public health, and education. Our team provides both strategic expertise and the technical skills needed to successfully bring new products to market.

We spend our days doing development, design, and consulting work with amazing clients looking to make a BIG impact. We pride ourselves on being down-to-earth, always curious, and eager to build products that help people. And good news…we’re growing!

We need someone versatile, hungry to learn and eager to lead within our booming agency. Our work environment is dynamic and fun. Please check out our requirements below. If you think you fit the bill, please email us at and we’d love to meet you.

Job Description
Like most programming jobs a fair share of the work you will be doing at Tyrannosaurus Tech involves using existing abstractions and conventions, e.i. React JS, ReactNative, NodeJS, Ruby and applying them with skill and craftsmanship to solve complex and interesting problems entrusted to us by our clients. While that is an important part of the job and certainly your knowledge and experience in those areas will play a part in the interview process, we are most excited about working with abstraction and convention creators. By this, we mean engineers that are familiar with the broader technology landscape and are excited about creating the future of technology. We want people who are excited about creating solutions that better reflect the problem space, whether that is an NPM package or a new programming language.

This is important for our business because we are moving in the direction of repeatable technology. We are identifying the common patterns we use for building software every day, capturing those and creating a robust library of tools and modules so that we can increasingly focus on solving our clients’ toughest problems without ever compromising on quality or speed, and we want to do this in a secure, performant and scalable way in the cloud.

Because we are looking for technology pioneers, we do not have hard requirements about what experience you need to have on your resume or what technologies you need to be proficient with coming into the position. It would be helpful, though, if you have familiarity with the technologies we leverage the most today:

  • React JS
  • React Native
  • Node JS
  • Ruby / Rails
  • PHP / Laravel
  • Swift
  • Java/Kotlin
  • AWS
  • GraphQL

… but the best candidates will take a more agnostic approach to technology and have a track record of learning new technologies quickly on the job.

We are looking for engineers with a lot of intellectual curiosity, inside and outside of tech who are passionate and gifted at understanding and designing reusable technology. Deep humility about how much there is to learn and how little we actually know is also a must. Extensive experience writing production code is important, but we are open to unconventional candidates at different points in their career.

We expect Tyrannosaurus Tech to continue growing rapidly and are committed to building a world-class engineering team. To do that we need engineers who are willing to take on leadership responsibilities as well as people who want to specialize and become deep technical experts.

The robust reusable code and tools you will be creating will directly impact Tyrannosaurus Tech’s mission to serve our clients as a strategic long-term technology partner. We are often a critical part of our clients’ operations. As a Tyrannosaurus Tech engineer, you will interact with and get feedback directly from our clients. We value working with people who care deeply about our customers’ success and about delivering a great experience for them and their users. We like working with people who love collaboration, are strong communicators, and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others.

We need your help in realizing our ambitious goal of becoming the #1 technology partner for high-impact SaaS companies innovating in health and education. We want to surround ourselves with people who love to ship code and see the positive impact it has on users and industries as a whole. If you enjoy the challenge of quickly solving the customer problem today, while also taking steps towards a more reusable long-term solution, we look forward to hearing from you!


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