Residents of mobile home community plead for more time to move


Residents of an East Nashville mobile home community pleaded Tuesday for more time to find stable housing in an emotional public hearing as the Metro Council considered a zoning request for a mixed-use development slated to take its place.

Tenants of the W.C. Mobile Home Community at 1509 Dickerson Pike — some of whom have lived there for more than 20 years — said they were told by property owner Tony Clouse in June that they must move out by Aug. 31.

Among them was Javier Ríos, a resident of the community for 24 years who has glaucoma. 

“To move and leave everything behind will require a lot of money, and it’s making me choose between … eye surgery and a home,” Ríos said through a translator at a rally before the meeting began.

Without the surgery, he risks going blind. 

Brixel Rios and her father, Javier Rios, speak about the termination of their lease at the 1209 Dickerson Pike mobile home community in Nashville, Tenn., Monday, July 12, 2021. The land owner has told residents they must leave the property by August 31st to ready the land for redevelopment.

More than two dozen current and former residents, teachers and community members repeatedly asked for more time and compensation for the 48 families being forced to leave. Several children who reside in the mobile home community spoke on behalf of their families, including one child who tearfully said that her family would not have enough time to find housing and move.

“These families are not asking to stop the tide of gentrification in Nashville,” said Cassandra Cosgrove, a teacher at Shwab Elementary School. “They’re not trying to stop change. They’re not even asking to be prioritized over others. They just want decency, understanding and time.” 


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