Now Hiring Engineers: 7 Austin Companies Gearing Up for Fall


What does an Austin real estate brokerage platform, an app that turns any smartphone into a walkie-talkie and a virtual reality company have in common? They’re all growing, and looking to beef up their engineering teams along the way.

To give you a head start on where to apply, Built In Austin spoke with seven engineers to learn more about the tech stacks they work with, the most interesting or challenging projects they’ve tackled, and what separates their job from the other engineering roles they’ve held in the past.


James Baldwin

Sr. Software Engineer

What they do: Worksmith is a software-enabled marketplace that connects commercial tenants and property owners/managers with qualified local service providers for repairs, maintenance and cleaning.


Give us a bit of insight into your tech stack.

My favorite tools tend to be ones that automate the manual steps in our process, and two that come to mind are Cypress and Jenkins. Our Cypress tests cover almost all of our regression, while our Jenkins pipelines handle our GitOps and DevOps. Honorable mentions for internal tools are a queue/microservice system for distributing workloads, our home-grown internal reporting system and a handful of third-party integrations that make life easier on us and better for our users. 

We’re a smaller team with large features to build, so we don’t have anyone working on these tools full-time, but we reserve 10-15 percent of our roadmap for building out tools and other tech initiatives. As for our tech stack, at a high level we build our back-end services in Spring Boot, our client side applications in React/React Native and use AWS for hosting, but we are always exploring new technologies as we continue to expand our product.


Whats the most interesting or challenging project youre working on right now?

One project we’re working on will bring a new, unique type of user to our digital marketplace.  These users will be interacting with our software primarily through text, email and forms in a lightweight web app. They won’t have a username and password, rather, their phone number and email will establish identity and a means of authentication. I love this project because it challenges us to bring the barrier of entry for interacting with our software as low as possible while still following SOC 2 security guidelines. It will also test our ability to write client-side code that will run on any device/browser combination. This project gives us the opportunity to put software in the hands of users who aren’t currently using any. What’s more exciting than that?

As it pertains to work culture, we try to maintain our autonomy as developers while upholding the best practices the team has agreed on.’’


Whats something unique about your team?

When was the last time you presented a show-and-tell? Or sang karaoke? Or went to Austin City Limits? These are a few of the traditions we’ve established throughout the years as an Austin-based company. We also like to try new things, and look forward to the influence that new teammates will have. 

We keep some time on the calendar each week for discussions around new or existing best practices, and the best ideas win. I’d say the thing that is most unique about our team compared to other engineering orgs I’ve been a part of is how closely we work with the product design team. Devs are typically involved at the lo-fi design stage, validating the data structure that the feature will require and providing early feedback on anything that raises concern for scope creep.


Adrienne McKee

Sr. Software Engineer

What they do: Sysco LABS is a technology-focused division within Sysco, dedicated to reimagining foodservice through innovation.


Give us a bit of insight into your tech stack.

Our e-commerce site was built using Java microservices, Node.js and React. It is high traffic and mission critical so when we have a problem to solve, we have the opportunity to explore a lot of the latest technologies and pick what solves our use case. The team I work on is currently building a new data platform to handle event streaming using Kafka.


Whats the most interesting or challenging project you’re working on right now?

The technology we are building will allow our domestic and international partners to sell their products on our site. We already have tens of thousands of customers on our site at a time so building something that can scale globally to help reach more customers as well as provide our existing customers with more products is exciting.

We get to help transform a huge organization that has been around since the ‘60s and make it operate like a modern cutting-edge company.’’


Whats something unique about your team?

It has this startup feel because we are building new tools for our customers, but we are supported by Sysco. Our team at LABS is small but we are working on big problems. In my few years here, I have been exposed to a variety of technologies and seen transformations in how we do business unlike anywhere else in my career.


Madison Bratina

Software Engineer

What they do: REX’s digital platform and full-service real estate brokerage uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify buyers and sell homes outside of the MLS, saving customers thousands of dollars in real estate transactions.


Give us a bit of insight into your tech stack.

We are fairly agnostic about tech stacks and tools at REX. In our minds, we use whatever tools function best at solving the problem at hand. Personally, my go-to tech tools for developing are Tmux and Vim. When it comes to preferred programming frameworks at REX, we use a variety: React, Next.js, Flask, React Native and more.


Whats the most interesting or challenging project youre working on right now?

At REX, we’re constantly working on new, interesting and challenging projects. As an industry pioneer, the engineering team is trying to innovate and disrupt the real estate environment.

Some of REX’s core values within engineering and the company as a whole are trust, excellence and care.’’


Whats something unique about your team?

REX truly prioritizes its team culture and core values. Prior to joining REX, I found that other engineering orgs did not put as much value on cultural fit as REX does. This is important to me. 

If I had to pick the single differentiating factor REX has over other teams I’ve been a part of, it would be the latitude to learn new skills and solve interesting problems within the company.


Alberto Janza


What they do: Immersed is a VR work productivity app. It provides its users experiences like working solo in a spaceship or with others in a co-working space such as an international coffee shop.


Give us a bit of insight into your tech stack.

We have a strong Unity team that is always pushing our product in order to make working in VR more efficient and enjoyable. Someone joining that team would be able to have a direct impact on the direction of our product, and would be working with peers that have a ton of experience.

I am also proud that our teams have considered Linux along with Mac and Windows from the very beginning. They do a lot of C++ coding to make this happen. Thanks to our early success, we are already evolving our infrastructure toward scalability and security. 


Whats the most interesting or challenging project youre working on right now?

Due to the success of our product, we have already started refactoring parts of our infrastructure to accommodate bigger load demands. We are evolving our infrastructure, expanding our teams, growing our user base and re-shaping our product. The company is in that sweet spot for any engineer to join since our work is having a direct impact in the performance and direction of the product.

Any engineer interested in performance, event-driven architectures and big data would have a ton of fun at this stage of the company.’’


Whats something unique about your team?

This workforce has the passion, the skills and the courage to make the vision of working in VR a reality. Here, a new hire would find an agile startup that’s evolving and iterating fast. The important thing to notice is the stage we’re at as a startup. This is not a startup still figuring out what its mission is or whether or not…


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