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Rapidly growing companies… in 2021?

Some might think that a company is only as strong as their quarterly revenue reports or ranked position on an annual list. But 2020 showed the business world that a united team with shared goals is an extremely powerful asset for an organization to have.

Job seekers within the tech industry are aligning their values and personal growth aspirations with the work they take on more than ever before, and it’s important that the people they work with have similar mindsets.

“I need to be part of a company whose product I not only believe in, but where there is a larger mission to actually make an impact on people’s lives,” Liz Sachs, an enterprise account executive at Canva, said.

Built In Austin sat down with employees at 10 of the fastest-growing companies in the Lone Star capital city to discuss what drew them to their current role and what successes are on the horizon.


Raphael Croce

Software Engineer

ibble is an interactive social media app that allows users to ask questions, hang out with friends, and tune in to conversations about current events to make information both entertaining and retainable.


Embracing challenges for growth: “The deciding factor to work at ibble came down to the growth-oriented environment,” Croce said. “At the time I joined ibble, I saw the perfect opportunity to accelerate my learning and knowledge about software development. Working in this fast-paced and challenging environment not only has taught me a lot about what it takes to build an app, but it has given me the chance to work directly on the product and see the immediate impact my work has on the business, which is not something you usually get when you work at a bigger company.”


Pushing ahead in the digital age: “What excites me about ibble is the potential impact to change the current social media landscape and how people interact and learn online. We’re constantly pushing these boundaries and rethinking ways to improve the overall user experience, so I am excited to continue on that path by growing our web presence so that users can have a similar experience to the mobile app.”


Jarred Capellman

Senior Director of Software Engineering, DeepArmor

Founded in 2013, SparkCognition is an Austin-based firm focused on catalyzing growth with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help clients adapt to a changing digital landscape.


Innovation as a team sport: “It is easy to rest on past laurels, but SparkCognition continues to build on previous success and perpetually sets the bar higher on each deployment and engagement,” Capellman said. “This energetic environment creates continuous innovations and opportunities for growth – at all career levels, in every department.

“Over the past four and a half years, I have personally seen the company grow significantly. Each new hire has been aligned to the goals and successes of our products and company as a whole. It has been a great joy to see how we’ve built team camaraderie and a culture where everyone has a ‘whole product ownership’ philosophy, even in a remote setting.”


Breaking the industry mold: “To see firsthand how our approaches solve problems across multiple verticals is truly exhilarating. As we further develop our products, we’re encouraged to employ creativity and AI technology to break previous molds.”

“For the next-gen cybersecurity product team I lead, we work to stay ahead of threat actors around the globe using machine learning. The inflection point for overcoming these challenges occurs when we collaborate across teams, involving creative software engineering, data science and threat research solutions. It’s truly a team effort, and this collaborative culture spans the whole company.”


Liz Sachs

Enterprise Account Executive

Canva is a free online visual communications platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design using a simple interactive interface.


Finding meaning in the mission statement: “I am a genuine seller – I need to be part of a company whose product I not only believe in but where there is a larger mission to actually make an impact on people’s lives,” Sachs said. “The mission to ‘empower the world to design and impact entire workplaces towards a more collaborative communication experience’ was a problem I suffered myself, and could therefore speak the language of the issue I am helping companies solve.

“Furthermore, I wanted to be part of a growing team – one where my experience and leadership would have a huge role. Having the opportunity to be part of the founding enterprise sales team in Austin was exactly that: a place where my voice is heard and my impact is known, as we all grow together.”


Fruitful leadership endeavors: “The reason I joined Canva was because the company’s growth opportunity was ripe with leadership roles, both internally and for the industry at large. Canva started in 2013 as a predominantly consumer product that exploded with fanfare, evolving into an enterprise product for the workplace as organizations around the world realized the value of visual communications.”

“The concept of reimagining how entire organizations communicate and collaborate is not a new one, but the way in which it can be done – with a visual communications tool – was (and is) a new frontier. There is no better feeling than being part of this growth trajectory and to be part of the team’s success as part of my own career growth.”


Jon Katz

Vice President, Marketing

Billd is a payment and finance solution for the construction industry, allowing organizations to acquire the materials they need upfront and pay suppliers later.


Looking inward for leaders: “As someone who takes a lot of pride in their work and excels with ownership, autonomy and responsibility, Billd has been a great fit for me,” Katz said. “I’ve been able to build the marketing department from scratch and enjoy the freedom to develop the processes, demand generation strategies and brand strategy that I see fit. The company also prefers to promote from within, which offers people an opportunity to grow into more senior roles. The fact that Billd is growing at such a rapid pace – doubling in size to over 100 employees in 2021 – shows that there’s great opportunity for people to step up.”


Collaborating for success: “We’re creating incredible partnerships with other disruptive companies in the construction industry – including Procore and STACK – with many others lined up. Additionally, we’ll be launching new products to expand our footprint on the commercial construction industry. With all of these new initiatives on our 2021 roadmap, I’m incredibly excited to be leading the marketing efforts and go-to-market strategies to accelerate these initiatives towards success. But what excites me the most is the collaboration and team effort required to successfully launch and scale these new products.”


Austin Bush

Engineering Manager

As an account takeover prevention platform, SpyCloud helps protect businesses from fraud stemming from stolen credentials. Their cybersecurity solutions are designed to make it harder for hackers to profit from stolen passwords by alerting companies when their credentials have been compromised.


Trust in the culture: “I’ve stayed at SpyCloud for four years primarily because of the people,” Bush said. “I trust the leaders, both in terms of their hearts and their business decision-making, and I trust my co-workers on those two counts as well. We’ve been able to establish a high-trust, humble, hard-working culture where we are free from drama and enjoy coming to work each day to solve interesting challenges together. It’s been great so far.”


Looking forward: “I am excited to see how we scale out our current technical infrastructure, in terms of our codebase and our use of the cloud. Specifically, I like working on our APIs and the data structures behind them in order to keep up with our customer demand. I look forward to seeing how customers continue to use our data to protect their employees and their own customers.”


Jennifer Cohen

Director of Marketing

Shipwell is a platform dedicated to automating the freight transport industry by…


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