Money Matters: Part of the ‘Great Resignation’ now looking for new career challenges?


Those looking to change jobs during the “Great Resignation” would do well to consider what they want in a new job and to polish up their resume.



In a recent analysis, Gallup found that 48% of America’s workers are either actively job searching or watching for opportunities. This is all part of what’s being called the “Great Resignation,” and it’s creating even more waves in the wake of the tumultuous job economy of the last 18 months.

Are you part of this movement? Keep reading to learn more about this phenomenon, see how best to approach switching jobs, and get some ideas for great local companies you could join. The good news in all of this is that Utah has the best economy in the nation. It’s a great place to be!

Why Are People Quitting?

You’ve likely heard that U.S. employers have posted a record number of job openings in recent months. Well, part of that is because people are resigning in record numbers!

Why are people quitting?

According to Gallup, “it’s not an industry, role or pay issue. It’s a workplace issue — because the highest quit rate is among not engaged and actively disengaged workers.”

Being not engaged or actively disengaged can mean a lot of things.

“No longer burdened with a long commute or the daily office grind, employees finally had the time needed to reflect,” said Tammy Homegardner, career coach. “Some loved working from home so much they vowed never to set foot in the office again. Others realized they hated their jobs and wanted to do something that ignited them.”

What to Do If You Want to Change Jobs

Changing jobs is a huge step, so it’s crucial to have a plan before you get started. Here are a few tips to consider:

Figure out exactly what you do and don’t want in a job. Start by looking at what it is you don’t like about your current job – this will help you determine whether you should change companies or if a department change might be what you need.

“Does your dissatisfaction stem from external factors, such as your co-workers, boss, organizational culture, or even the commute?” said Shayna Joubert at Northeastern University. “If so, would switching teams or leaving the company remedy your unhappiness, or do you still have that same sense of dread thinking about the work you’ll be doing, regardless of a change in scenery?”

Whatever your preferences, make sure the jobs you’re pursuing fit them! It sounds obvious, but you don’t want to compromise on non-negotiables and then end up dissatisfied.

Polish your resume. Make sure it’s updated and tailored to the job you’re applying for. And don’t forget to add your soft skills!

“Advertise your hard and soft skills, especially if you are transitioning into a new industry,” advised Homegardner. “Hard skills are technical (such as computer programming, accounting or electrical engineering), while soft skills are transferable regardless of the job (i.e., communication, customer service, project management, etc.).”

Skill up. First, make sure you know how to negotiate. You know what you’re after – so speak up! The last thing you want is to move to a new job that feels worse than your old one. Check out resources like this one from Morgan McKinley at to learn how to negotiate the terms of your employment.

Second, learn new skills that might be applicable to a job you’d like to have.

“Look for ways to develop new skills in your current job which would pave the way for a change,” said Mike Profita, career advisor. “If your company offers in-house training, sign up for as many classes as you can. There are ways you can position yourself for a career change without having to go back to school.”

Who’s Hiring in Utah County?

Lots of companies in Utah County are actively looking for new talent. Here are just a few:


Perched on Silicon Slopes, SocialClimb provides automated patient acquisition software designed to help patients find the right doctors. It’s serious marketing software, but they make it a lot of fun! Currently, the company is hiring an account executive, a sales development representative and a senior full-stack web developer, among other positions.

Nu Skin

The personal care and nutritional supplement company Nu Skin is located in Provo but operates in 50 markets across the globe. If you care about humanitarian causes, this company may be a good fit for you, as they prioritize using their reach to give back. A few positions they are hiring for right now include workforce analysts; Spanish-, Mandarin- or Vietnamese-speaking sales support staff; and SEO analysts.

Utah Valley University

It takes more than professors to run a university! It also takes institutional advancement writers, library circulation services supervisors, German tutors and speech-to-text service providers — incidentally, all of which are positions currently open at Utah Valley University. Consider working here to be part of this bustling center of learning in Orem.

Utah Valley Pediatrics

The “Experts In Kids” are hiring medical assistants and receptionists for full- and part-time positions throughout Utah Valley. There are few things more important than helping the next generation grow up healthy, so take a look to see if there’s a position available in an office near you.

If you’re thinking about joining the Great Resignation, be sure to prepare carefully. And check out some of the jobs available right here in Utah County for some great options. Happy job hunting!


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