Millions of Young People Await Career Opportunities in Mobile Application Development


Millions of young people await career opportunities in mobile application development.
Millions of young people await career opportunities in mobile application development.

Our lives are rapidly digitizing and entering mobile. Business models in businesses are also transforming at a dizzying pace. Developing mobile applications for Android and iOS phones, data science and analytics, mobile marketing-sales, mobile education, mobile gaming, mobile shopping, mobile health, mobile therapy, mobile etc. Applications penetrate into every area of ​​our lives. Today, the number of smartphones has exceeded 3,5 billion, and career opportunities await millions of young people in the field of mobile application development.

Evaluating the developments in the field of mobile application, TTT Global Group Chairman of the Board Dr. Akin Arslan said:

“According to Gartner’s reports, as of 2021, there is 87% Android and 13% iOS separation in the mobile phone market. While there is a balance of nearly 50% between iOS and Android in the smartphone market in the US, Canada and the UK, 87% of smartphones worldwide have Android operating systems and 13% have iOS operating systems. In Turkey, the ratio of phones with iOS operating system is around 14,45% in the smartphone market. In the mobile phone market, the iOS-Android war continues. On the other hand, while 2020 billion applications were downloaded from AppleStore and GooglePlay in 218, this figure is expected to reach 2021 billion in 250. The world inside phones is growing exponentially. Every month, hundreds of thousands of new applications are uploaded to platforms called “stores”. You look at a new application that did not exist in the previous year, it has reached over 400 million downloads. As our lives quickly slip into pockets, tens of millions of qualified mobile software developers, data scientists, analysts, designers will be needed. In this process, it does not matter which department the young people graduate from, whether they are university graduates or not. As long as he has mathematical acumen, understands the culture of algorithms, is willing to learn and is inclined to Apps as a user. And of course, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge of English to understand what you read well and to use open source libraries effectively. In short, when hiring people in the next 10 years, we will not look at their university degrees, where they graduated from and from which department, it seems that it will not matter much in the choice.”

Young people aged 15-25 are waiting for a great career opportunity

Underlining that great career opportunities await young people between the ages of 15 and 25, TTT Global Group Chairman of the Board Dr. Akin Arslan said:

“Focus yourself on being a mobile developer. Here you will have two main crossroads: Either you will develop an Android-based application (Kotlin, Java etc.), or you will progress on iOS (Swift). Hybrid models are still far from providing solutions to complex application needs. On these subjects, it is possible to access thousands of training courses on the internet, free of charge and at very low prices. YoutubePlatforms like , GitHub, Medium are full of application examples and experiences. Even if you don’t work anywhere, you can start developing applications with the imaginary-real projects of your choice and write your own story. A young person who works hard and perseveres can reach a very good level in Turkey in just 1-1,5 years. It can reach a net monthly income of 2,5-3 thousand TL in 8-10 years, and if it can find a place for itself in bright projects among the right teams, it can meet with a monthly income of 5-12 thousand TL in 25 years. He can be a part of teams abroad and open to the world. For example, over 5 thousand new applications from Turkey are placed in the stores every month. Everyone is looking for a qualified developer to whom they can entrust their work. While we employ developers in our projects, we don’t care about which university they graduated from. Whatever the field we intend to use it (iOS, Android, Backend, Frontend, UX/UI, Artificial Intelligence Coding), we are interested in its competence and hardware in that field. We look at core English proficiency, dedication and willingness to learn. Also, we prefer not to start out as much as possible with someone who has changed 3 jobs in 2 years. However, first of all, we give a chance to our young people who tried their own startups, wrote an application and placed it on the store, but did not get the results they expected. We find his experiences very valuable,” he said.


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