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MetaMask, a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain and one of the most preferred wallets, can create its own cryptocurrency. At the briefing meeting held by MetaMask developers with community members, the developers said that they welcome such an idea.


MetaMask, a popular Ethereum wallet, stated at an informational meeting that it is open to creating its own cryptocurrency and making an airdrop. MetaMask developers said that they do not have such an active work at the moment, but they can definitely focus on such a scenario. Erik Marks, a senior software engineer among MetaMask engineers, said that MetaMask is “absolutely open to the idea of ​​making the project community-owned” with the introduction of its own cryptocurrency. Marks emphasized the necessity of working on the usage areas of crypto money that can be issued before such an initiative. The team stated that they do not want the production of crypto money that does not have any form of use.

MetaMask cryptocurrency, which is one of the most interesting parts of the meeting, is warmly welcomed by the developer team, but the usage areas of a possible crypto money should also be at a convincing level. In addition, the way a possible MetaMask coin would be released was also among the topics discussed at the meeting.

In this context, cryptocurrencies that are on sale with the ICO model were discussed at the meeting. It was mentioned that the cryptocurrencies released with this model gained a lot of value at first, but because the buyers started selling after a short time, they saw sudden losses in value. Talking about their concerns about the pump and dump issue, Marks and the developer team stated that the idea that if a crypto money is launched, the crypto money will come to the market in the form of a certain amount of distribution to the community members in the first place, rather than ICO sales.


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