Master A Full Stack Of Coding Skills With These Best Selling Training Packages


If you’re looking to change careers or add new coding languages to your resume, these courses will get you up to speed fast. And they’re available at some of the lowest prices of the year thanks to our Semi-Annual Sale, but only for a limited time. Use code ANNUAL60 to get 60% off the sale price when you check out.

C# is a general-purpose language used across the industry, especially in systems like Microsoft’s .NET. The SkillSuccess team takes you through the basics up to mastery using code-along projects. Design your own video games, build your own apps, and master code along the way!

Get the Complete C# Programming Bundle: Lifetime Access for $11.60 (reg. $1,393) with code ANNUAL60.

If you’re online, PHP has probably made your life easier; it’s used to build unique and powerful apps that live on the web. Simon Sez IT teaches you how to make this powerful, useful language your own. Each course will guide you through designing web apps from the quirky to the useful.

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JavaScript is one of the three coding languages, along with HTML and CSS, that make the internet what it is. Educator and JavaScript expert Laurence Svekis lays out how to use it to build more effective websites, fun widgets, and useful tools. The course closes with an exploration into how Java ties into other languages.

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Shell scripts are programs designed to be run in Unix, and if you want to be a professional coder, understanding shell is essential. eduCBA breaks down what you need to know into four courses, with sixteen hours of instructions. The ultimate goal is to learn to automate Unix tasks, the key to a career in industrial software.

Get the Shell Developer Master Class Bundle for $8 (reg. $399) with code ANNUAL60.

You’ll find C++ on servers, in your favorite video games, and even in space probes, it’s that powerful and reliable. These three courses from software engineer and trainer John Purcell are designed for anybody to start learning, whether you know some C++ already or are just starting.

Get the C++ Programming Bundle: Beginner to Expert for $6 (reg. $600) with code ANNUAL60.

Java is a coding language designed to be written once and then run on anything that can understand Java. Webucator demonstrates that principle with these ten concise courses built around code-along projects that introduce you to each topic in-depth. By the conclusion of the course, you’ll have a solid foundation in Java to build on for your own projects.

Get the 2021 Java Bootcamp Bundle for $14.40 (reg. $990) with code ANNUAL60.

Not sure where to start in learning to code? Pick up this bundle, which has over 2700 lessons on everything from mobile app development to industrial coding languages. Each course is comprehensive and will set you up for any coding career you might be considering.

Get the Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle for $24 (reg. $4,056) with code ANNUAL60.

Python is named for its goals, to be both powerful and flexible, and like its namesake, it can be hard to pin down even if you know it well. iCollege offers a broad spectrum of courses on the latest in Python, plus courses for beginners to get caught up.

Get the Complete 2021 Python Expert Super Bundle for $24 (reg. $3,540) with code ANNUAL60.

The preferred programming language for iOS apps, Swift lives up to its name by the state of the art moving quickly. This bundle includes a full instructional course, a detailed look at coding in Swift for all Apple platforms, and an exploration of animations in Swift.

Get the Complete SwiftUI Developer Bundle for $10 (reg. $600) with code ANNUAL60.

Skill Success breaks out everything you need to know about SQL and how it drives data science. You’ll build queries, set up servers, develop databases, and more.

Get the Complete 2021 SQL Master Class Bundle for $8 (reg. $1,393) with code ANNUAL60.

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