Join the GBA Technology & Innovation Summit 2021 This Week!


You are cordially invited to join the GBA Technology & Innovation Summit 2021 event hosted by The British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong being held at Renaissance Shenzhen Bay Hotel on August 26. This will be a perfect opportunity to hear from key industry experts with their insights on a range of technology-related matters and sectors.

Through this summit, BritCham Guangdong will establish a platform for tech-related industry members, investors, governments, and so forth in the GBA (i) to hear from key industry professionals on their predictions and outlook for the year ahead across a range of industries and sectors, (ii) to add value to you and your business and to better inform business planning decisions and (iii) to increase awareness among our members and business community via sharing insights and predictions.


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Why Join?

  • A gathering of well-known and pioneering brands from China and overseas, gain useful advice from experts and business representatives for better business planning decisions

  • Focus on real networking among startups, enterprises, government and other tech-related organizations; break the barriers between start-ups and other large and medium-sized enterprises through crossover networking, making this event an international technology and innovation gathering in the GBA

  • Hear from industry experts who will share insights on technology-related industries, provide relevant information for investors who wish to invest or co-invest in the field of technology and innovation involving China and the UK

  • Opportunities to connect with 12 outstanding speakers, linking 150-plus Chinese and foreign corporate executives

  • Participants come from 10-plus industries such as technology, education, consulting, real estate, finance, law and so forth, opportunities to share your predictions and views on industries in GBA during networking and media exposure


At GBA Technology & Innovation Summit 2021, we are honored to invite 12 speakers to share their thoughts on these important issues to cover many current GBA issues:

  • How does Technology+ AI play a crucial role in developing industry in the GBA?

  • Why GBA is the Global Innovation Hub for Fintech?

  • Capital Market Choices for Technology Companies – Comparison of Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and US – what is the capital trend in the future technology IPO?

  • Against a bright future for the GBA, what preferential policies will be adopted in relation to technological cooperation between China and the United Kingdom in the future to benefit enterprises operating in GBA?

  • What are the key investment trends delivering success for China-UK projects? What are the essential elements of successful research projects?

  • What are the latest trends for intellectual property in the technology and innovation sector? What are the requirements for patent application and are there are any useful tips to share?

  • How to retain your technology and innovation talent – tips for recruitment and retainment? What are the attractive occupations in technology and innovation sector and tips on job application?

  • Under the new guidelines to ease the burden of excessive homework and off-campus tutoring for students undergoing compulsory education, what are the trends for EdTech trend in the future?

The Lineup of GBA Technology & Innovation Summit 2021: Keynote Speakers

Technology+ AI


Joseph Smith has 22 years of experience in China and was the first foreigner from IBM to live and work with Huawei from 1999 to lead Huawei’s global transformation. He worked with Huawei for 22 years as VP Global Business Transformation and as a consultant to Guo Ping, the CEO of Huawei, and Liang Hua the Chairman of Huawei, to lead their globalization and dominance of ICT with current revenues of over USD125 billion. 

Smith led Huawei’s Global Business Transformation PMO which managed every major transformation project in Huawei’s history. He was responsible for Business Transformation Methodology, Governance & Transformation alignment with Strategy, Value Realisation, Consultant Management and internal Transformation Training. Projects managed and led by Smith include: Integrated Product Development (IPD), Integrated Supply Chain (ISC), Integrated Financial Services (IFS), Global Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Global Human Resources Management (HRM). Smith was also responsible for the transformation Public Affairs & Communications Department and Global Government Affairs (PACD) and was responsible for being the ‘public face’ of Huawei and build relationships with senior visitors from the UK including: British Royalty and Senior Government Cabinet Ministers.

Smith has been working with AI for the last seven years and has a Patent Pending on a new AI chip architecture for a Hybrid Digital-Analog Zero Instruction Set Computer. Smith acts as a strategy consultant to several large consultancies including McKinsey, Accenture, Bain, and PwC.

Come to the event, Joseph Smith will share with you his insights on How does Technology+ AI play a crucial role in developing industry in the GBA.

Technology+ Finance


Musheer Ahmed is the Founder & Managing Director of FinStep Asia, which is building Asia’s next generation of businesses and providing advisory on Fintech & Digital ecosystems in Asia. Ahmed is one of the main contributors in building the Fintech ecosystem in Hong Kong as the Co-Founder of Fintech Association of Hong Kong, having led the Association as inaugural General Manager in its first 2 years. He has over 16 years of extensive experience in financial services and technology, having be
en a global markets trader for a decade, and a management consultant following his MBA from University of Hong Kong and London Business School.

Ahmed has a keen interest in technologies impacting/disrupting investment banking such as artificial intelligence, Digital Banking, RegTech, WealthTech and Blockchain and is a reputed keynote speaker at industry events across Asia. Ahmed is a guest lecturer on topics of Fintech, Digital Banking, Investment Management, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence at University of Hong Kong, HKUST, HKU Space, CUHK, PolyU, CityU among others.

He has regular contributor and author of articles on Fintech, Digital Banking, Blockchain and Investment Banking and been quoted in various media channels, including on CNBC, Bloomberg, SCMP, IFLR, CGTN, Financial Times, Asian Investor, Medici, Economic Times, S&P Global, etc., He has been a Keynote and speaker at 100-plus events, including Singapore Fintech Festival, Hong Kong Fintech Week, London Fintech Week, India Fintech Festival, Money 20/20, Seamless Asia, Rise Conference, Economic Times Asian Leaders Conclave, China Fintech Summit, and Islamic Finance Summit.

Come to the event, Musheer Ahmed will share with you his insights on Why GBA is the Global Innovation Hub for Fintech.

Technology+ Capital


Wing Fong is currently an audit partner of KPMG which she serves as the Head of Technology and Life Science of Southern China Region and the Capital Market Group Partner of KPMG China. Equipped with ample experience, Wing is familiar with the capital market regulations of Hong Kong, the United States and Chinese Mainland (“PRC”) capital markets with in depth understanding of the PRC GAAP, Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards.

Equipped with more than 20 years of audit experiences, Wing had accumulated extensive professional and industrial experiences by leading audit engagements for local and multinational businesses in Hong Kong and PRC across various sectors including life science technology, electronics, IT services and telecommunications, E-commerce and others.

Following her leadership on various A Share / Hong Kong IPOs and her familiarity with the capital market requirements, Wing had successfully assisted Nayuki Holdings Limited (HK.2150), Mobvista (HK.1860) and Friendtimes (HK.6820) in their listings in the Mainboard of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. She also assisted Dynagreen (HK.1330) in their dual listing plan for A Share (SH.601330) in the PRC capital market as well. Furthermore, she added another success story as the lead audit partner to Chipscreen Biosciences (A Share) which is the first of its kind to be listed under The Science and Technology Innovation Board. On top of that, she is also the current lead partner for MGI Tech which had filed their A Share IPO submission in early 2021. 



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