Get Set Your Career: Top Data Science Jobs to Apply this Weekend


by Adilin Beatrice

August 21, 2021

Top data science jobs

If you want to explore top data science jobs, there are tons of opportunities from where you can choose

Today, big data has evolved to become the core of every business decision. Every industry starting from healthcare to telecommunication, finance, education, manufacturing, and entertainment is embracing data science to stay ahead in the race. Even government organizations are now moving to digital mode, triggering the need for data science solutions. Therefore, the demand for top jobs like data scientists is never-dying. If you want to explore top data science jobs, then there are tons of excellent opportunities from where you can choose. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced person, companies recruit you for the data science skills you possess. Entering data science can prove to be highly rewarding and will help you build a career. In order to ease your burden, Analytics Insight has listed the top data science jobs that aspirants should apply for today.



Top Data Science Jobs to Apply Now

India Market Unit- Data Science Consultant at Accenture

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

About the company: Accenture is a technology and consulting company incorporated in Dublin, Ireland. Led by Julie Sweet, the information service company has supplemented its growth through high-profile acquisitions.

Roles and responsibilities: Accenture is looking for a Data Science Consultant who can support the company shape its clients’ future by combining deep business insight with the understanding of how technology will impact industry and business models. He/she should focus on issues such as digital disruption, redefining competitiveness, operating and business models as well as the workforce of the future. The company is seeking people who can recognize and understand the impact that digital and technology have on every industry and sector, and share their passion to shape unique strategies that allow Accenture’s clients to succeed in the environment.


  • The candidate is mandated to have 3-6 years of relevant experience.
  • He/she should hold a B.Tech or Integrated M.Tech/M.Sc from IIT/NIT.
  • They should have hands-on experience in Python and be open to travel places for work.

Apply here for the job.


Data Engineering and Data Science Professional at Dell Technologies

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

About the company: Dell Technologies is a computer technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. The country has briefly stepped into the smartphone market but later shut down the initiative.

Roles and responsibilities: As a Data Engineer at Dell Technologies, the candidate is expected to function with various core disciples. He/she should embrace continuous integration, deployment, and is interested in delivering next-generation applications that produce transformative insights from extremely large datasets. They will leverage SQL Server, Teradata, Green-Plum, Hadoop, Redis, and other databases. The candidate will design, develop, and support teams in enabling self-serve business insights from extremely large datasets. They should evaluate industry trends for opportunities to utilize new technologies, methodologies, and implement these into the solution stack as appropriate.


  • The candidate should have a Master’s or Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field.
  • He/she is mandated to have working knowledge in statistics and machine learning concepts.
  • Knowledge of data engineering, computer science fundamentals, and demonstrated ability in applying these effectively in a real-world scenario is a must.

Apply here for the job.


Data Scientist- Senior Business Analyst/Lead Analyst at Evalueserve

Location(s): Gurgaon, Bengaluru

About the company: Evalueserve is a global professional services provider offering research, analytics, and data management services. The company provides a unique combination of human expertise and best-in-class technologies that use smart algorithms to simplify key tasks.

Roles and responsibilities: Evalueserve expects a candidate who can understand and design analytical solutions to business problems leveraging data science. He/she should further work to understand the requirements of stakeholders and fulfil them. They should propose and execute solutions and present deliverables to stakeholders. The candidate should manage and optimize deliverables while also mentoring and training new team members. They should develop POCs to enhance the team’s capability.


  • The candidate should have BE/B.Tech/MBA/M.Sc or equivalent degree in Quantitative fields from a reputed institute.
  • He/she should have 2-8 years of relevant experience.
  • They are mandated to have the ability to understand mathematical, statistical, and theoretical foundations of statistics and parametric and non-parametric models.
  • The candidate should have hands-on experience in Python, R, or SAS.

Apply here for the job.


Senior Data Scientist at Oracle

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

About the company: Oracle is a world leader in providing IT solutions to the financial services industry. Oracle Corporation is the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems company.

Roles and responsibilities: Oracle is looking for a highly accomplished data scientist to join the IoT and Blockchain software development team. In the role, the candidate will design and implement a new set of AI/ML-enabled IoT and Blockchain applications in the SCM domain. He/she should also design, develop, and program methods, processes, and systems to consolidate and analyze structured, diverse data sources to generate actionable insights and solutions for client services and product enhancement. They should interact with product and service teams to identify questions and issues for data analysis and experiments.


  • The candidate should have 5+ years of relevant work experience.
  • He/she should own an MS or BS degree in applied mathematics, physics, computer science, statistics, or related technical field.
  • They should have hands-on experience in data mining and predictive analytics with machine learning/ statistical modeling techniques.
  • The candidate is expected to have the ability to perform a thorough analysis of complex data, draw sound conclusions, and devise actionable strategies.
  • Besides, experience in neural networks, especially in RNNs and CNNs is a plus.

Apply here for the job.


Senior Data Scientist at EYGBS

Location: Bengaluru

About the company: EYGBS provides computer processing and data preparation services. Besides, the company also leverages audit, tas, business risk, technology and security risk services, and human capital services worldwide.

Roles and responsibilities: As a Senior Data Scientist at EYGBS, the candidate is expected to work and deliver on advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence projects. He/she should handle client interactions and client management. They should also monitor their juniors and guide them through the projects.


  • The candidate is mandated to have 4 to 9 years of experience in the field with knowledge in machine learning and natural language processing.
  • He/she should have B.Tech/M.Tech/Masters in Statistics, Economics, Computer Science, Robotics, or any Industry-related areas.
  • Knowledge in statistical technical and advanced machine meaning algorithms including clustering, regression, classification, time series, decision trees, etc is compulsory.
  • He/she should be an expert in Python or R coding.
  • They should be well-versed in neural networks, deep learning, or artificial intelligence.

Apply here for the job.

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