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With the Tanzu Application Platform, VMware has launched a new developer platform. The company presented the beta version at the annual SpringOne developer conference. The Tanzu Application Platform is apparently intended to make it easier for developers and operation teams (Ops) to develop and deploy applications in multi-cloud use on all Kubernetes distributions, including Azure Kubernetes Service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine and software offerings such as Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

The current beta version contains the first elements for working with Kubernetes for DevOps. These include templates for applications that take compliance and best practices into account, options for the automated creation of container images, runtimes for serving and eventing functions, API discovery and routing, and insight options for faster troubleshooting of running applications.

For seamless collaboration between dev and ops, the new developer platform is intended to provide a more secure supply chain that reduces friction losses on the way to production and integration with back-end systems. In addition, it has a modular structure so that developers can swap components and tools at will, and the ops teams can define policies and security measures that are best suited to the security and compliance requirements of the company.

VMware Tanzu Application Platform is designed to help DevOps teams build applications together with Kubernetes.

According to the blog post, the developers behind the platform were inspired by the Java framework Spring, which is said to have fundamentally changed the way Java developers work. Just like Spring, the Tanzu Application Platform is designed as an application-oriented platform that is intended to provide developers with a framework for building an application or a service.

For example, the development team behind the platform has integrated the Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu into the beta version, which gives developers the opportunity to create their application with a declarative manifest. In addition, they receive a URL that can be immediately tested on the platform – apparently little or no knowledge of Kubernetes is required for this.

This manifesto is intended to serve as the basis – and thus as a contract, so to speak – for the cooperation of DevOps in order to transfer applications to production and to maintain them there. When an application is ready for production, the platform takes over the monitoring and provides further insights into the pipelines and the state of the application. More information about the Tanzu application platform can be found in the post on the VMware blog. The platform is also available for testing via this website.


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