Database platform MongoDB expects rapid adoption in India to continue


Pune: MongoDB, a platform whose customer base in India nearly doubled in a pandemic year, expects the rapid adoption to continue going forward.

The company currently has about 1,300 customers in India, ranging from unicorns to large, digital native firms, Senior Director (Asia Pacific) Suvig Sharma told ET. “We see traction in about five or six different segments with gaming being a rapidly growing one, along with edtech and fintech,” he said.

In India, MongoDB works directly with the developer community, as well as via partnerships with system integrators and boutique independent software vendors that build solutions on the company’s platform. “We think the runway is huge because despite impressive growth year-on-year, we have still not scratched the surface,” said Sharma, who expects the growth trajectory to continue in India.

India has a huge developer community and while exact numbers are not available, Sharma said about 360,000 registrations out of 1.5 million on MongoDB University were from India. “That to us is a very strong indicator of the uptake within the developer community,” he said.

MongoDB is a data application platform, allowing developers to address different types of workloads. Enterprises are realising that their digital initiatives are closely tied to the growth of their business, irrespective of the industry and that they need the platforms at the backend that allow them to innovate faster.

“If you want to launch a new capability in two weeks, but it takes two to four days to make the changes at the database level, then you can’t really launch that new app…,” Sharma said. “So I think that is really what is driving the success for us. And because our data platform allows you to have multiple use cases.”

He said the company is also at a tipping point in India where it is starting to see interest from traditional enterprises who are adopting cloud and managed services in a bigger way.

The company launched operations in India over five years ago and currently has a team of 330. Sharma said the team size has been doubling every year and he expects that to continue in line with the growth trajectory in India. The company is working on driving adoption within the developer community to bring about new use cases, as well as starting to focus on some of the larger enterprises to help them leverage its platform.


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