Cloud lab solution empowers access of research tech from miles away


Depending on the scope and complexity of the research at hand, the items of equipment needed to perform vital tests can be numerous, sizeable, and expensive. The lack of available lab space, investment funds, and even time needed to conduct tests on these advanced machines can make it difficult (if not impossible) for start-up and mid-size operations to get their hands on such machines, and thereby compete with bigger contract research organizations (CROs).

Emerald Cloud Lab’s novel solution enables even humble-sized scientific operations to make use of high-end laboratory equipment by offering remote access to such advanced gear remotely, for a monthly fee that amounts to less than the cost of investing in a single piece of equipment. Toby Blackburn, ECL’s vice president of business and development, took the time to speak with Outsourcing-Pharma about the advantages the solution offers, and some of the notable organizations that have taken advantage.

OSP: Could you please talk about the concept of “automated science” and how researchers are growing to understand and accept it?

TB: Researchers in science are beginning to look around at other industries (tech, manufacturing, distribution, etc.), and the advancements that technology has made in those areas, and are asking themselves why they are still operating labs the same way they did more than two decades ago. The technology required to bring the same efficiencies, cost savings, and process improvement to the lab environment is well developed and proven in other industries.


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