Call of Duty: Vanguard Leaker Says Game Will Have New Anti-Cheat System


A prominent Call of Duty leaker claims that the series’ next installment, Vanguard, will introduce a brand-new anti-cheat system.

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A new leak claims the heavily rumored Call of Duty: Vanguard will include a brand-new anti-cheat system, something players have demanded since Modern Warfare. While Call of Duty: Vanguard has not been officially revealed as the next installment in the long-running FPS series, several rumors and teases point to its impending announcement. The upcoming title is expected to return to World War II, Call of Duty‘s original setting. The last few installments were set in alternate periods, such as the Cold War and near future.

This WW2 setting has apparently been confirmed by leaked Call of Duty: Vanguard art and story. Several promotional images, obviously obtained before the intended reveal of the 2021 game, corroborate Vanguard‘s previously leaked title and its WW2 setting. Story information was also shared online by leakers, who explain that the title will actually take place after the end of the war as the Nazi Gestapo attempt to reclaim victory, suggesting an alternate-history plot. A four-player co-op mode was also mentioned in the ill-gotten intel, in addition to the game’s reported announcement being scheduled for August 19 ahead of a November 5 release date. This information has been expanded on publisher Activision and developer Sledgehammer Games, as short cinematic Call of Duty: Vanguard teasers appear to directly confirm the leaked setting details.

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Prominent Call of Duty leaker Tom Henderson, who shared some of the above Vanguard leaks, claims the upcoming title will feature a new anti-cheat system. Henderson says the new anti-cheat software will also be implemented in Call of Duty: Warzonealong with a new map which will tie the battle royale title into Vanguard. The new anti-cheat system has apparently “been in development for over a year,” suggesting that eliminating exploiters is a high priority for the franchise moving forward.

The Call of Duty franchise has amassed a huge fanbase of loyal players, but with this popularity (and Warzone‘s free-to-play model) inevitably came hackers. While the series’ developers have taken steps towards removing cheaters, such as ban waves that sweep up thousands of cheaters at once, the games’ lobbies are still riddled with hackers and accidental exploits. One Warzone glitch lets players see through walls, giving them a clear advantage over rival players, and there’s easy-to-find cheat software for sale online that make bugs like this one seem like a minor advantage. With each new Warzone update new exploits seem to arise, leaving many frustrated and calling for better developer oversight.

The Call of Duty franchise’s problem with hackers is clear to see, with the franchise’s playerbase constantly struggling to avoid those who abuse the game to gain an unfair advantage. The introduction of a new anti-cheat software with Call of Duty: Vanguard would hopefully prevent the new title from suffering the same fate. Implementing this new system into Warzone would be equally important, as players of the battle royale Call of Duty installment may finally find some respite after a year of facing countless hackers.

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