Build-to-Rent Development Taps into SALTO Security


The Kensington project, comprising 73 apartments, uses SALTO XS4 One smart locks and wall readers.

Tenants are issued with a fob to access the base building, and the shared facilities. These include the main door, lift lobby and stairs, the lending library, parcel room and rooftop.

Some areas have limited opening hours, which are managed via the Salto system. Operational amenities are also managed via Salto such as maintenance workshops, cleaners’ rooms, store rooms, riser and communication rooms.

The next stage of the implementation will see the launch of a dedicated Assemble app, giving tenants the option to replace their fob with a digital key on their smartphone.

“The app will offer our residents features that make their living experience more enjoyable and promote community engagement,” Moore said.

“From paying their rent to booking a communal room, the app puts everyday necessities at their fingertips.

“The Assemble app also helps to create a connection among residents, an important factor when creating resilient communities.”

Integration and efficiency

Assemble needed an electronic access control system that would integrate into its property management platform and the Assemble app.

“Salto’s ability to integrate with our app was important, so that we could consolidate the workflow,” Moore said.

“We were keen to eliminate ‘app fatigue’ for residents, by not having a separate app for their digital key.”

Two essential elements Assemble demanded of their EAC were efficient key management, and protection of residents’ data.

“The functionality that Salto offers improves the overall key management administration and adds additional layers of security and data integrity, ensuring our resident information is always kept secure,” Moore said.

Managing multiple properties

The build-to-rent side of the Assemble business has recently announced a new partnership with Housing Choices Australia to deliver more than 3000 affordable homes in Melbourne.

Here too, proptech plays a part, helping to address the operational challenges of managing access and security for multiple properties.

And again, Assemble sees Salto playing a crucial role.

“With Assemble’s growing portfolio, operational consistency is essential to ensure our service delivery is exceptional across all our assets,”Moore said.

“Working with key service partners in security and access control ensures the technology meets the needs of our residents. It also allows for staff to work across multiple properties without having to learn multiple software platforms—it’s a great way to work.”

Salto values the opportunity to work with Assemble to create build-to-rent and affordable housing options.

“We’re delighted to partner with Assemble”, Cédric Duigou, business unit manager at Salto Systems Oceania, said.

“Its use of the Salto portfolio shows how we can enhance security, essential operations, and the community engagement that is at the heart of the build-to-rent model.”


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