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Apple said Wednesday that it could relax strict payment rules for certain app developers, including Netflix and Spotify, and include links to websites that would allow iPhone makers to avoid charges.

The concession was prompted by a survey of Apple’s App Store by the Japan Fair Trade Commission, but it applies globally. The tech group said late Wednesday that from early 2022, developers of these apps will share a single link to the website to allow users to set up and manage their accounts.

The iPhone maker decision came later This week in korea It is now the first country to pass a law that allows mobile phone users to pay software developers directly for apps rather than being forced through in-app payment systems on platforms such as Apple and Google. rice field.

Apart from this, last week’s Apple Relax restrictions In the App Store, which prevented developers from offering low prices to their customers through other channels.

As with things like Spotify, the latest changes can have widespread implications Has been claimed for a long time It’s unfair for Apple to act as a gatekeeper in the App Store and charge Spotify a fee, while having its own competing music service.

Developers around the world have been complaining for decade that Apple’s payment rules are too strict and unfriendly to consumers.

Apple typically requires all digital payments to go through an in-app payment system, but the “reader” app, an entertainment category where users subscribe or buy digital products that are frequently consumed on multiple devices. Allows exceptions. The largest services in this category include Netflix, Spotify and Kindle.

For example, Netflix subscribers can sign up online and pay for their account.However, Apple has not previously allowed the service’s app to notify customers of this option, so from the iPhone maker. 15-30% commission This comes from purchases made through the App Store.

Other apps, including popular games, need to process payments for all digital products through Apple’s in-app payment system.The requirement is Trigger of proceedings, Manufacturer of Epic Games FortniteAs a result, bypassing the Apple Store with its own cheap payment method Expulsion of apple Last year’s app. The verdict of the proceedings is expected soon this month.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, wrote on Twitter that Apple is only expanding its already unfair exceptions to its strict rules. “Apple’s special contracts for’reader apps’ such as Amazon Video, Netflix and Kindle have become even more special,” he said.

He added: Fortnite Accepting direct payments is still unsafe. “

“We need to evaluate the fixes in Apple’s developer guidelines, but limited anti-steering fixes don’t solve all problems,” said one leading leader app developer.

Phil Schiller of Apple Fellow, who oversees the App Store, said: Manage apps and services while protecting your privacy and maintaining trust. “

The JFTC App Store survey has been completed.

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