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Original story (published on March 10, 2021) follows:

Android Auto has over the recent past experienced rapid growth to become a staple platform for keeping drivers connected to their cars.

Today, you no longer need your phone to call a friend when on the wheel. Android Auto not only lets you communicate with your friend hands-free, but also play music and even navigate through Maps and Waze.


Of course, with every new update to the standalone app, Google strives to add new features, improve existing ones as well as address some annoying bugs, issues and problems faced by users.

Not long ago, for instance, Android Auto was updated with split-screen support for cars with wide screens and fixed disconnection issues with the March security patch for Pixel phones.

But since Google doesn’t make Android Auto-powered cars and only writes the software, at times new feature additions and even bugs/issues that arise require the intervention of the actual car makers.

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Keeping track of if and when the various players involved will be addressing a certain bug, issue or problem can be a daunting task. It gets even harder with making follow-ups to issues raised by users.

In this article, though, we’ve simplified it by putting everything you need to know about the current status of Android Auto bugs, issues and problems that have been raised in one place.

As expected, we will regularly update this article with new info whenever there are fresh developments, so be sure to bookmark it so that you don’t miss out.

Update (March 17)

11:03 am IST: Google says the issue where audio of media playing on Android Auto comes out through phone speakers instead of car speakers was addressed in the 6.1 update.


11:20 am IST: Google is also rolling out a new Android Auto update to version 6.2 and with it comes the following changes:

• Improved Do Not Disturb functionality.
• Dark mode on car UI is now independent from the phone.
• Bug fixes and other Improvements.

If the OTA hasn’t hit your unit, probably going for the APK version here would do. Who knows, maybe some of the most annoying issues have been dealt with, so let us know about it too.

Update (March 19)

03:40 pm IST: According to a report by Auto Evolution, Audible has addressed the annoying issue that reset audiobooks back to first page in Android Auto with a back-end update to the app.

Update (April 05)

04:08 pm IST: 1. Some devices running Android 11 like the Oppo Find X and the OnePlus Nord are having trouble connecting to Android Auto. Thankfully, the issue has already been escalated.

2. “Liked songs” on Spotify are failing to play on Android Auto for some users because the loading screen doesn’t end. Thankfully, the issue has already been addressed with the Spotify app version 8.6.14.

3. Some users report that Android Auto blasts the last played song at full volume randomly even after disconnecting. The issue has fortunately been fixed with Android Auto v6.2. Hence you would want to update your app.

4. The Android Auto temperature/weather has stopped working with the latest Android update on Samsung S9+ for several users. The issue has been escalated to the relevant team already though and a fix should roll out soon.

5. Some users report that Google Assistant on Android Auto does not read text messages but asks if the user wants to reply. The issue has already been addressed and you would want to hop onto the latest Android Auto version.

6. Android Auto weather location is stuck on some users’ hometown on Google Pixel devices. The issue has been forwarded to the concerned team for investigation.

7. Users from multiple different devices have reported that Android Auto doesn’t play Youtube Music even though it’s selected as the default music app. Thankfully, the Google Assistant team has already addressed the issue.

Update (April 20)

04:34 pm IST: The latest Android Auto update has been claimed by a Product Expert to fix some of the connectivity issues on Android 11. More details here.

Update (May 17)

04:49 pm IST: Android Auto users are facing renewed connectivity issues following a recent update. The app fails to launch or seems to force disconnect Wi-Fi. The likely culprit seems to be Android Auto 6.4 but without an official confirmation, one can’t really be too sure.

04:56 pm IST: Several users have reported that following a call, the music starts playing from the phone itself instead of Android Auto. Thankfully, the issue has been escalated.

05:10 pm IST: A few users have reported that Android Auto keeps moving from File Transfer USB connection to “no transfer” on the Google Pixels. The issue has been fixed now so just update your Android Auto app.

05:12 pm IST: Several users report that outgoing audio doesn’t work on calls initiated using Google Assistant due to an erroneous message that reads “To use car mic, end other calls”. The issue has been possibly fixed.

Update (May 20)

02:11 pm IST: In case you’re wondering about the latest status about all of the bugs and issues plaguing Android Auto currently, you would want to check out this forum post.

Update (June 09)

05:54 pm IST: 1. Several Samsung Galaxy S21 users have reported that their Android Auto crashes when the phone is unlocked. The issue has been escalated.

2. Following an official acknowledgment back in February for the “Spotify doesn’t seem to be working right now” issue, a Community Specialist now has the following to say:

Thanks for reporting this issue. It would be great if you could send us a bug report from your phone to diagnose the root cause of the issue. We’ll send an email with the instructions on how to capture a bug report. Please reply directly to the email with your information.

3. Some users report that the music output switches to phone after call is disconnected on Android Auto and here’s the latest response so far.

4. Some users were having trouble with voice commands with navigation which shouldn’t be the case anymore as a fix has now been rolled out with the Android Auto 6.4 update.

5. As per recent complaints, the outgoing audio not working issue on calls initiated using Google Assistant seems to persist despite a fix being rolled out a while back.

6. Android Auto does not connect to 2020 Honda CRV after an update to Android 11 on the Pixel 2XL? A user now says that it has been fixed.

Update (June 15)

06:15 pm IST: Samsung and Android Auto are a pretty unreliable combo and have seen a range of issues in the recent past. Thankfully, Samsung is set to fix Android Auto problems on its phones with the upcoming July 2021 security update.

Update (June 22)

02:02 pm IST: A bunch of issues are being reported by users of Android Auto and in this update, we shall be outlining some of them. These reported issues include:

Choppy music when switching apps when Android Auto is connected via Wi-Fi, Failure to connect at all following update to Android 11 for Pixel 2 XL and newer Samsung devices, Google Maps stuck at “loading route”, Android Auto crashing when the Galaxy S21 Ultra locks screen and text messages alerts not working.

Update (June 23)

06:33 pm IST: There is a fix available for those facing issues like unresponsive Google Maps, music stutterring, and overall system slow with Android Auto. It seems changing the Bluetooth AVRCP version to 1.4 from 1.6 in the Developer options might fix the said issues with Android Auto.

I’ve been having issues with wireless android auto (music stuttering, Google maps being unresponsive or the whole system being slow.) in my 2021 5 Series using Samsung S21 ultra

I manage to find a fix and I hope it will help everyone else that has the same issue.

In your phone settings, go to developer options and change the Bluetooth AVRCP version from 1.6 to 1.4.

After changing this setting I stopped having issues and everything is working well.

Good luck.

Update (July 09)

IST 11:23 am: Some Android Auto users now report that their Google Maps remains stuck at the loading route screen. Others complain of an issue where Assistant fails to give location-based results. More on that here.

Update (July 21)

IST 07:00 pm: The Android Auto Google Maps zoom not working with control knob issue is still at large, Google is also still working to fix this problem. Head here for more details.

Update (July 22)



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