6 Highest Paying Data Science Certifications You Should Know


Data Science Certifications

An everyone data scientist should consider these highest paying best data science certification programs

Every day, thousands of people are moving towards the data science stream because of the allure of the field and great earning opportunities. Some might come from a specialized background, while others simply participate because of interest.

To get a data science job you don’t particularly need any degrees or certificates, however, having one will increase your chances of getting hired. The first thing you need to have is an appealing portfolio that includes your skills, knowledge, and ability to create solid data science projects. Along with this, you can also add some certificates to show that you have put effort, time, and money to enhance your skills and become a more qualified data scientist.

Here are 6 Highest Paying Data Science Certifications You Should Know:


Azure Data Scientist Associate (Microsoft Certified)

Microsoft is one of the main tech and software giants. They offer a data science certification that plans to figure your abilities to run tests, train artificial intelligence models, upgrade your model’s presentation, and send it utilizing the Azure Machine Learning work area.

To acquire this certification, you should breeze through one test, and you can prepare for this test in one of two different ways. Free online materials offered by Microsoft helps you to prepare for the test. If you incline toward having a teacher, they likewise offer a paid alternative where an Azure AI educator can coach you.



IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

This certification comes from IBM and is offered toward the finish of a course series that takes you from being a data science fledgling to an expert data researcher on the web and at your speed.

IBM data science proficient certification is offered on both Coursera and edX. On one or the other platform, you need to finish a bunch of courses covering all the center information on data science to get the certification and an IBM identification whenever you’re done with the course.


Business Analytics Specialization

The Business Analytics Specialization is facilitated on Coursera created with Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. It gives a decent fundamental prologue to big data analytics across business professions like marketing, HR, etc. There is no earlier examination experience required for this course.


Google Professional Data Scientist Certification

Google’s professional data scientist certification is expected to analyze the abilities you should be qualified as a data researcher who can settle on information-driven choices, assemble dependable models, train, examine and upgrade them.

You can get this certification by applying straightforwardly through the authority Google endorsement page, or you can take a course series and the testament on Coursera. The courses will show you everything you need to learn about AI and machine learning essentials and assemble proficient information pipelines and analytics.


SAS Certified AI & Machine Learning Professional

The SAS AI and Machine Learning Professional certifications are procured by finishing three tests that assess three unique ranges of abilities. The three tests you should pass to get the certification are:

Artificial intelligence tests where your abilities to fabricate, train, test execution, and enhance directed AI models will be tried.

Figure and enhancement test. In this test, your capacity to deal with, imagine information, fabricate information pipelines, and tackle enhancement issues will be tried.

Third and last NLP and PC vision test.


TensorFlow Developer Certificate

TensorFlow is one of the generally utilized bundles for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning applications. The TensorFlow Developer Certificate is given to an engineer to show their capacity to utilize TensorFlow to foster answers for artificial intelligence and deep learning issues. You can get ready for this testament by completing the deep learning. Artificial intelligence TensorFlow Developer Professional Certificate Coursera course series. Whenever you have procured this certification, your name and picture will be added to the Google Developers page.

In conclusion, if you question any data scientist if they required their certificate or degree to get their data science jobs, most will disclose to you that they got into data science from a non-specialized foundation with an inquisitive mind that simply needed to find out more about this field. Despite the fact that you can turn into a data researcher and find a decent job, some of the time having a certification can assist with making your portfolio stand out and draw recruiters to you.

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