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The business value of networks is higher than ever. This is driven by digital transformation as a company that has accelerated digital initiatives by up to seven years through pandemics. This is cloud, mobility, IoT Network-centric.

This focused commitment to digital transformation has revealed many flaws in legacy networks. They require a robust, intensive manual process and lack the agility and intelligence to meet the demands of digital business. Organizations need to prioritize network modernization in order to maximize investment in other technologies. Here are five steps that every company should consider when modernizing their network:

Software-define everything

In legacy infrastructure, the data and management planes are tightly coupled, and each device must be reconfigured if changes occur throughout the network. This can result in months of lead time when making changes. This is too long for a digital business. Software-defined systems separate the control plane from the data plane, allowing the control plane to be centralized. This allows engineers to make changes from a centralized location and propagate them throughout the network in near real time. The move to software-based systems is the cornerstone of network modernization.

It is important to note the original definition of SDN Was related to the data center, and SD-WAN Later used as part of modernization WAN.. The underlying technology changes are the same for SDN and SD-WAN, but the vendors in these markets are different because of the completely different implementations. In most enterprises, the team that runs the data center and the team that runs the WAN are different. Other than the simplicity of purchase, there is really no incentive to buy SDN and SD-WAN for your data center from the same vendor. Return on investment is typically significantly higher, and the architecture used to build existing WANs is 20 to 30 years old and needs to be updated, so it makes sense to start with SD-WAN. Data center SDNs need to be implemented as part of larger data center modernization initiatives, such as moving to private clouds.

Accept AI Ops

Today, networks are significantly more complex than networks in the last few years. At the same time, it is more important from a business perspective, as network outages and even poorly performing networks cost a lot of money for the enterprise. Most vendors provide real-time telemetry data to help network engineers manage their networks better. The problem is that the amount of data is so large that even the best engineers can’t interpret it quickly and error-free.

AIOps systems, on the other hand, are constantly monitoring and can alert network operations teams to the smallest anomalies that can cause performance issues.

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