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Among the bevy of programming languages out there, JavaScript (JS) remains one of the most popular. The object-oriented scripting language is often used for web development. It’s versatile enough to handle simple website and app features or advanced programming such as interactive elements on a page.

Whether you’re just embarking upon a programming career or are a seasoned developer, it’s important to have the right resources. While articles, books, podcasts, and YouTube videos are all great assets, Twitter can offer plenty of information. Developers are typically passionate about their craft and eager to share tips and tricks, spark discussions, or offer insight into new technologies.

To aid your JavaScript journey, check out this list of experts to follow on Twitter.

Dan Abramov

Front-end developer, ReactJS


As a ReactJS front-end developer, Abramov has a natural zest for sharing his JavaScript expertise. Abramov’s impressive resume includes co-authoring Redux as well as the Create React App. He regularly blogs on his website, Overreacted, about technical topics such as what JavaScript is made of or function components versus classes.

Sophie Alpert

Head of engineering, Humu


Before her job with action management platform Humu, Alpert worked at Facebook as an engineering manager for the ReactJS team. Alpert regularly shares her expertise on the JavaScript space with her more than 60,000 Twitter followers. You can find her writing and speaking about a variety of topics ranging from the value of corporate open-space projects to custom React renderers.

Wes Bos

Full stack developer and professional explainer, HackerYou


Not only is Bos a brilliant JavaScript developer, but he is one of the best programming instructors around. He offers a myriad of courses such as Beginner JavaScript, JavaScript 30, and CSS Grid, in addition to co-hosting the Syntax podcast about web development.

Wassim Chegham

Senior developer advocate, Microsoft


As a self-professed JavaScript nerd, Chegham is a fantastic developer with a strong Twitter following. He’s extremely knowledgeable about OpenJS, Angular, and a host of other JS-centric topics. He is a fountain of programming knowledge, sharing everything from technical know-how to hot takes.

Andrew Clark

Core team, ReactJS


Clark shares thoughts, tips, and news about JavaScript programming on his Twitter feed. He provides insight into a variety of web development topics, from high-level web design insight to JavaScript coding tricks. For a robust exploration of the web dev space, join Clark’s more than 50,000 Twitter followers.

Kent C. Dodds

Software engineer and teacher


Dodds’ impressive resume includes the likes of PayPal, Parakeet, USAA, and Domo. The software engineer turned full-time teacher now focuses on web development content creation, offering excellent courses for programmers of all backgrounds. Dodds fosters an incredibly welcoming Twitter feed, where he engages with his large audience in an encouraging manner. 

Sarah Drasner

VP of developer experience, Netlify


A member of the core team at VueJS in addition to her job at Netlify, Drasner is a frequent speaker and writer. She wrote the excellent book SVG Animations: From Common UX Implementations to Complex Responsive Animation. Drasner regularly tweets about the Vue JavaScript framework and offers insightful tips for budding JavaScript programmers.

Brendan Eich

Co-founder and CEO of Brave Software; creator of JavaScript and the Basic Attention Token


As the creator of JavaScript, Eich is a must-follow for anyone serious about web development. He also co-founded Mozilla and Firefox and is the co-founder and CEO at Brave. Additionally, Eich created the blockchain-based Basic Attention Token (BAT). He tweets often about topics including the history of JavaScript.

Eric Elliott

Co-founder/director of engineering, DevAnywhere.io


Elliott is a JavaScript guru, author, and teacher. His book Programming JavaScript Applications is a fantastic explainer about design patterns that explores resilient, flexible code. Elliott shares his ample expertise through blogging, books, and online courses. Having contributed to software experiences at the likes of Zumba Fitness, Adobe Systems, ESPN, and The Wall Street Journal, Elliott is a great JavaScript expert you need to follow on Twitter.

Ryan Florence

CEO/co-founder, React Training


Florence has a zest for programming fundamentals. He tweets tons of JavaScript and general web development tips and tricks for his more than 90,000 followers. He also co-developed Remix, a product designed for building better websites. His expertise and experience exhibit a yearning to improve web development both through teaching aspiring programmers best practices and by bolstering website performance.

Minko Gechev

Senior developer relations engineer, Google


Gechev works on Angular during his day job. Previously, he co-founded Rhyme.com, which was eventually acquired by Coursera. A notable JavaScript buff, Gechev creates tools aimed at enhancing web performance and code quality. Follow him for heaps of JavaScript helpful hints.

Charlie Gerard

Senior front-end developer, Netlify


A renowned Google developer expert, Gerard is a programmer, speaker, author, and JavaScript tinkerer. He has buil
t a bunch of innovative projects, including a Node.js-powered device to play Chrome’s Dino game using mind control and a JavaScript library that uses iris tracking to predict the direction of a user’s gaze.

Shruti Kapoor

Senior software engineer, PayPal


Kapoor has an infectious fondness for teaching. He streams on Twitch about programming topics such as building a blog, writes regularly about JavaScript GraphQL, and is a sought-after conference speaker. What’s more, the multi-talented Kapoor is an Egghead instructor. If you’re eager to learn, Kapoor is a JavaScript genius you need to follow on Twitter.

Ania Kubów

Software engineer, Eurostar


In her spare time Kubów creates JavaScript games. She runs a thriving YouTube channel that provides a veritable treasure trove of tutorials for creating JavaScript-based versions of Space Invaders, learning how to write unit tests, and other JS fundamentals. Drop Kubów a Twitter follow for thought-provoking JavaScript how-tos, opinions, and everything in between.

Gant Laborde

CIO, Infinite Red


Google dev expert Laborde is a JavaScript junkie. He wrote the fascinating book Learning Tensorflow.js and is an expert on the intersection of JavaScript, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Follow Laborde to learn about innovative JavaScript applications.

Tracy Lee

CEO, This Dot Labs


As the CEO of This Dot Labs, a group of JavaScript professionals specializing in architectural guidance, Lee is a must-follow for anyone serious about JS. The regular keynote speaker, podcaster, and writer has a seriously impressive resume that includes accolades such as being a Google dev expert and an RxJS core member. Lee stays up to date on modern web development and shares loads of excellent resources, many of which she has a hand in creating and curating. Modern Web and This Dot Media are also must-follow Twitter accounts for anyone interested in JavaScript and web development.

Ben Lesh

RxJS project lead and senior software engineer, Citadel Securities


Lesh’s resume includes tenures at Google and Netflix. The renowned JavaScript guru provides tips, tricks, and insights about web development to his more than 46,000 Twitter followers. While Lesh is extremely knowledgeable about JS as a whole, he’s an expert on the AngluarJS framework and RxJS library, and provides handy hints on these topics via Twitter.

Addy Osmani

Engineering manager, Google Chrome


Osmani remains on the cutting edge of web development. The author of JavaScript Design Patterns, he is on a mission to speed up the web. Helpfully, Osmani regularly shares tips about web development, and more specifically JavaScript. Notably, Osmani often offers solutions for improving web performance and page speed. With tweets as informative as many long-form how-to blog posts, Osmani is a must-follow.

Guillermo Rauch

CEO, Vercel


Rauch can be found frequently weighing in on the JavaScript space through several media, including…


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