21 developers transforming Silicon Valley: these are the people shaking up the tech


  • Insider tracked down 21 influential and fascinating developers shaping the tech industry. 
  • Coders were nominated for leading impactful projects and forging new paths in software development.
  • From CTOs to budding coders, they’re the power players to know in the developer scene today.
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Software developers are critically important to the modern world.

Whether they’re working on projects with huge impact, thinking outside-the-box on how to solve problems, or getting creative with how they build their careers, there’s a reason that they’re some of the most sought-after employees today.

To highlight some of these amazing makers, Insider sought out nominations from coding foundations, nonprofits, and dev-focused firms, while also leaning on our own knowledge of the developer community.

The goal was to track down influential people doing impactful work and shaping the tech industry. 

We then asked nominees to expand on what’s captured in their LinkedIn’s by sharing projects they’re most proud of or advice to developers who are early in their careers.

The result is a varied list of 21 developers, some of whom have spent decades in the software field and others who only recently learned to code. The list highlights people with traditionally revered skillsets as well as those forging new paths that haven’t yet gained widespread recognition. 

Here are 21 developers who are shaking up the software industry:


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