16 full-time remote jobs in cryptocurrency for developers, leaders and recruiters


If you’re looking to land a WFH job, rewrite your resume to highlight previous experience with remote work and managing remote teams.

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Two forces in the job market are creating the perfect storm for IT professionals: the growth of cryptocurrency companies and the desire to find a fully remote job. Some crypto companies are  fully remote and have always operated that way. Other leaders have recognized that not offering a remote work option will limit the talent pool significantly. A scan of open jobs with these firms shows that remote work is always an option. If you are one of the many professionals who wants to keep working from home, it’s worth looking at job openings at crypto companies.

Whether you’re a developer, a project manager or a tech recruiter, there are lots of options for finding a new job. Before you start applying, the first step is to revamp your resume. Brie Reynolds, career development manager and coach at FlexJobs, recommends highlighting remote work experience in these three ways:

  1. List “remote work” next to job titles, such as “Director of marketing (100% remote work).”
  2. Include it in the descriptions of past jobs: “Led a team of five customer service reps in a completely remote work environment, and earned an average team satisfaction rating of 94%.”
  3. Build it into the skills section.

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“Time and task management, communication, self-management, the ability to work independently and comfort with technology are some of the top skills employers like to see when hiring for remote jobs,” she said.

Reynolds also suggests sending a thank you note after all interviews and following up with the hiring manager after the application window closes.

“Overall, a good rule of thumb for application follow-up is one to two weeks after applying,” she said. 

Reynolds recommends rereading the job posting to confirm the details about the post before contacting the employer.

“It may even say specifically on the job posting not to call or email after you apply,” she said. “If you follow up anyway, the employer may think you didn’t read the posting or you can’t follow directions.”

Now that you’ve got a refreshed resume and a post-interview follow-up plan, take a look at these remote jobs in the cryptocurrency sector.

Chief of staff, president and chief operating officer, Coinbase  
U.S. national, full-time, remote.
Duties include creating a structure for a COO and president to improve visibility with their direct reports, leading and participating in special projects, developing operational improvement processes and creating presentations.

Data scientist, Coinbase  
U.S. national, full-time, remote.
Measure business performance, develop core metrics and create dashboards to track and understand them for a cryptocurrency platform. Must have a bachelor’s degree and five years of experience. 

Full stack engineer, Blockstack
U.S. national, full-time, New York, New York or remote.
Implement Blockstack feature upgrades, improvements, and architectural builds; collaborate with a team to ship major product builds; deliver on rapid implementation schedules to build web functionality that is fast, scalable and upholds smart development goals and principles.

Graphic designer—games, Bitcoin.com 
International, full-time, remote.
Lead marketing projects for the company’s games’ properties, maintain awareness of industry and technology standards, the competitive landscape and social media, create landing pages and reusable design templates. 

Head of developer growth, Blockstack
U.S. national, full-time, New York, New York or remote.
Lead all growth efforts for developer platform; report to the CEO and sit on the executive team; plan, implement, and optimize growth strategies against measurable KPIs; hire, mentor and coach a team of marketers, growth hackers and community managers; optimize online and live touch-points and media to increase developer adoption. 

Mobile app developer, Bitfinex  
International, full-time, remote. 
Design and build Bitfinex mobile applications and be responsible for scalability and data visualization. The team is rully remote and globally distributed.

Project manager, crypto support operations, Coinbase 
U.S. national, full-time, remote.
Project manager is needed for a remote role to provide support for crypto support operations. Lead projects across different lines of business and product areas. At least five years of relevant experience is required.

Quantitative researcher, Coinbase  
U.S. national, full-time, remote. 
Conduct research, publish data, maintain industry knowledge, create quantitative models and provide industry-specific expertise. Master’s degree and related experience required.

Senior backend developer, Ark.io
U.S. national, full-time, remote.
Will implement specifications, identify bottlenecks, test code, improve functionality and provide expertise. More than five years’ related typescript experience required.  

Senior financial planning and analysis associate, Chainlink Labs
International, full-time, remote.
Develop models, help with financial planning and deliver financial data and cost projections. Must have an interest in the blockchain industry and possess at least five years’ experience in an analytical setting.  

Senior NodeJS engineer, Bitfinex
International, full-time, remote. 
The Bitfinex backends are mainly using Node.js. The position requires expert JS/Node.js experience and is available to anyone self-driven, and with the experience, motivation and capacity to contribute to the company’s vision. Self-motivation is essential for all team members.

Senior software engineer, Ankr
U.S. National, full-time, remote or San Francisco, California.
The senior software engineer’s duties include designing and implementing business applications, creating product features and integrating blockchains with the company’s platform. This fully remote role requires experience building modern, complex applications.

Senior software engineer, cryptography and systems, Protocol Labs
International, full-time, remote.
Build the next generation of peer-to-peer software, working on projects like libp2p, IPFS and Filecoin; contribute to steering and maintenance of implementations of IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p and similar open source projects; create or maintain software libraries and programs depended on by other systems and applications; contribute to protocol design and specification efforts.

Senior technical recruiter, Coinbase 
U.S. national, full-time, remote.
Will own the full recruitment process, including interview-and-offer process, building a pipeline of technical candida
tes using sourcing channels, and maintaining data integrity and report recruiting metrics. Bachelor’s degree and five years of experience required.

Senior UI designer, Exodus.io  
International, full-time, remote.
Own the creative process, develop iterative designs for projects and provide support to development teams. Requires proficient Adobe CC and Sketch skills, as well as significant visual design experience.  

Visual designer – Illustrator, Kraken 
International, full-time, remote
The visual designer will produce intuitive interfaces, develop illustrations and icons, and evolve illustration guidelines. This remote role requires at least four years’ illustration experience; illustrating experience with mobile and web apps.


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