10 Games That Are “Important” To Gaming History (But Not Very Good)


Many games become famous for how incredible they are. The Mario franchise was a classic from its first entry because of its polished platforming, while Halo earned acclaim for its innovative aim-assist system that brought accuracy to controllers. But some games are infamous for how disappointing they were. Just recently, Cyberpunk 2077 couldn’t live up to hype and the Resident Evil 3 remake disappointed after the spectacular reimagining of 2019’s Resident Evil 2.

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Few games can be called both historic and unimpressive at the same time. They may not be remembered for how bad they were, and some were impressive at release but couldn’t stand up to the test of time. Still, their legacies have defined the industry.

10 One Of The First Ever Video Games Was Forgotten for A long Time

Picture of Tennis For Two Running

In 1958, an exhibition at the Brookhaven National Laboratory showed off Tennis for Two. While it drew plenty of attention on the show floor, it was largely forgotten after the exhibition. In the late ’70s, the game garnered attention again, as it was believed to be one of the earliest games created for fun.

Showing a tennis court from a side view, players were able to lob a tennis ball back and forth using aluminum controllers. Since this was the 1950s, the game is primitive in design and interactivity, but still remarkable for what it achieved.

9 A Popular Genre Was Born From A Frustrating Game

Rogue Map Screen

Rogue-likes and rogue-lites are becoming increasingly popular; Hades received widespread acclaim after its full release out of early access in 2020. These sub-genres were born from the game Rogue, released in 1980. This game bore all the hallmarks of its successors with procedurally generated dungeons, permadeath, and items that needed to be learned as they were found.

Unfortunately, the truly random generation of items, enemies, and dungeon layouts was frustrating to push through, and further iterations of the game were much more polished as the technology gained graphical upgrades and more opportunities for interactivity.

8 The Entertainment Software Association Was Born From A Bad Game

Night Trap character making face

Night Trap gained notoriety for all the wrong reasons. It was considered violent and too mature for general audiences, enough so that US senators brought the game to congressional committees and used it to demand more oversight on video game content. These senators must have never played the game, though, because Night Trap isn’t very violent — or all that good.

The player is expected to survey cameras placed throughout multiple rooms of a house. This mechanic becomes frustrating quickly, as scenes play out without any direction or warning and the game requires pure memorization to finally win.

7 The Creator Of Doom Taught Gaming A Lesson About Too Much Hype

Daikatana Title Screen

John Romero promised that his first game after leaving Id Software would take the gaming world by storm. Marketing hype built around the game created one of the first instances of pure fervent need for a game release. A certain profanity-based approach was in line with ’90s marketing for games and has since become somewhat of a joke in the industry, because, on release, Daikatana was bad.

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